Three common causes for laptop screen replacement

Laptop_broken_screenLaptop screens are our portal in to the computer.  When these screens act up or break, it can be frustrating, but fear not as there is hope!  Many broken laptop screens are cost effective to replace, giving your computer a new lease on life.

1: Laptop screens are very often physically damaged.  This damage includes cracks, tears, spills in to the screen or damage to the screen’s circuitry.  Unfortunately as laptops get thinner and lighter weight the screens have become a lot less sturdy, so about 3-5 pounds of pressure can break the average laptop LCD screen.  Symptoms of physical damage tend to manifest themselves with tearing on the picture of the screen, black spots or distorted areas.  Spills may show as strange stains on the screen, flickering or no picture at all.

2: Over time laptop screens may give out from wear and tear.  This is especially common on the older screens that used a fluorescent (CCFL) backlight and inverter.  Both the CCFL backlight and the inverter are prone to failure from exhausting their useful life.  CCFL backlights and inverters tend to experience problems within their first 3-5 years.  When an inverter is failing the screen may flicker and then go dark, whereas when a backlight fails generally the warning sign is a pinkish or orange discoloration of the picture that worsens until the screen goes dark.  Logical circuitry on newer LED backlight screens tends to burn out before the LED backlight, so symptoms may vary from a unreliable picture to no picture whatsoever.

3: Manufacturer defects account for a fair amount of screen replacements.  Sometimes if there is an error during the manufacturing process that slips past inspection, that screen can end up in your laptop.  It may not manifest any symptoms initially or it may work poorly right out of the box.  Manufacturer defects usually show up as failure to reliably display an image, flickering, failure to fully brighten or dim, artifacts as well as visual distortion.  If your system is under warranty, contact the manufacturer or the provider of your warranty first to see if the issue is covered.

Many screen issues can be remedied by replacing the screen itself, but other issues, such as a defective cable, inverter, motherboard or video board can be less straightforward.  In the next article we’ll discuss more complex issues that can cause laptop display problems.  No matter what, we recommend bringing your laptop to a professional, as accidental damage can occur fairly easily during a routine screen replacement if proper safeguards are not in place.

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