Failing laptop fans can cause serious damage

Laptop computerThat annoying hum inside your laptop that grows louder with time.  Or maybe it’s a persistent clicking or whirring sound from the fan.  Perhaps the  laptop’s fan is not audible at all and instead the computer gets very hot and even shuts itself down.  All of these symptoms could point to a laptop fan failure — and it’s critical to get it checked out.

Why is my laptop’s fan important?

Laptop fans govern the cooling of the internal components.  Should the fan begin to fail then the hard drive, as an example, may sustain damage.  This can result in slow performance, data loss and eventually a hard drive crash.

Heat-related damage is among the worst because it causes additional stress to just about everything that makes your computer function.  Once the interior of a computer begins to heat up to 70C+ serious hardware damage will occur.  This damage will be irreversible if the heat problem is not addressed quickly.

How can I keep my laptop fan working?

Laptop fans should be kept clean and sometimes an intensive clean-up can rectify fan problems before they worsen.  I recommend that my clients clean their laptop vents at least once every few months.  The there are usually at least two vents.  One on the bottom for taking in cool air and another on the side or back for exhausting hot air.

Using compressed air to clean out these vents can be  helpful in reducing dust inside the computer, and therefore increasing airflow.   If you use canned air it’s best to spray in short bursts so that no condensation forms inside your computer.

It’s also advised that when using a laptop that the vents are always kept on a solid, flat surface.  Blankets, clothing and other soft surfaces can cause the vents to not function properly and seriously strain your laptop fan — causing overheating.

What if cleaning it out doesn’t work?

Arlington Virginia Computer Repair can repair laptop fan problems for a variety of brands, including Acer, Alienware,  Apple, Asus, Compaq, Dell, eMachines, Gateway, HP, Sony, Toshiba and other brands.  Most laptops require significant disassembling to access the fan, so we do not recommend people at home try this type of repair unless they are very experienced with the intricacies of laptop hardware.

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