Hard drive shortages emerge from Thai flooding

Severe flooding in Thailand has resulted in over 14,000 component factories closing, causing severe shortages for hard drive manufacturers.  This supply chain disruption has already resulted in a 20% spike in hard drive prices, quantities for orders being limited by vendors and interruptions for computer manufacturers.

Flooding in Thailand

The impact from this flooding is expected to linger in to next year, with many predicting hard drive shortages lasting several months.  A full recovery could take over a year.  Western Digital has been hit the hardest, as the corporation has the largest presence in Thailand of all the major hard drive manufacturers.

The human impact has been staggering, with 660,000 factory workers unemployed until the recovery is completed.  Over 300 are dead and many more injured.

At Arlington Virginia Computer Repair we wish the people of Thailand a fast recovery, and we send our condolences to the families of the victims and those that have lost their jobs.

Photo credit: The Associated Press